The Vision

My main goal for this project is to tell stories. I want this content to be extremely functional and be a fantastic way to get more people to come to the wellness center. To do so I want to sell it by not telling people why it’s great and instead let others share the ways the Cameron has positively impacted their lives

End Product

The end products of this project will be 6 individual videos that tell each of the individual stories we hear from our subjects. There will also be an additional video that ties all of the stories together as a way of showing how health and wellness is different for each generation but a part of everyone’s life. 


Also, a series of photographs will be delivered including a headshot of each subject and a collection of shots captured during production

My Background

Creating brand-focused promotional content is my specialty. I've shot material for everything, from coffee roasters to designer fashion shows. Producing engaging, high-quality content is what I do.

More about me and samples of my work