What comes next

Let's makes this project a reality! The first thing to take care of would be scheduling our first creative meeting so that we can effectively brainstorm and agree upon what we are looking to create and how we will go about making it happen.

Additionally, we will need to agree upon and sign a scope of work so that we are all on the same page in terms of deliverables, expectations, and cost. 


I will be responsible for directing the project and doing a bulk of the cinematography. To assist with the production aspect of this project I am currently looking to enlist the help of 6 people. 

Assistant Camera: 

The AC would be responsible for operating a 2nd camera when necessary and providing assistance with lighting setups and shot planning 

Production Assistants: 

The PAs are responsible for keeping everything moving smoothly on set. They help with moving equipment, assembling lighting setups, and anything else other members of the crew need to do their best work

Production Manager: 

The production Manager is responsible for making sure everything on set is happening on time, and that every shot we have planned is being taken

care of.

Still Photographer: 

The still photographer will be primarily responsible for capturing compelling still images throughout production.

(I might still handle head shots)

Make Up Artist: 

The MUA is responsible for making sure everyone looks their absolute best on camera from every angle and in any lighting



Budget Breakdown


$1,975.00 - Post Production 

$725.00 - Pre-production

$800.00 - Production Assistants (2x)

$500.00 - Production Manager

$1,000.00 - Assistant Camera

$1,250.00 - Still Photography

$700.00 - Make up Artist

$2,050.00 - Direction

$1,650.00 - Cinematography 

$1,750.00 - Equipment Costs

$825.00 - Misc. Expenses 

Total: $13,225.00